Thursday, June 26, 2008

One World

Let's end hunger!!

I had a lunch date with my brother this week and we went to a place called The One World Cafe. The whole point of this little place is that it ends hunger, that nobody goes unfed. But how does it do this?

When I walked in I felt like I should be chillin on a lawn chair set a street corner downtown with a guitar in hand and my fuzzy beret on. The gal behind the counter explained how it worked. First of all, there are no set prices. You pay what you think you should or if you got no mula, donate an hour of your time. Second, all the food is organic, not made from a recipe, and you will never eat the same thing twice. Third, they serve you choose your portions so you don't waste food. Fourth, can't pay? There are two buckets you can eat from. . .

While sitting at our elephant encrusted coffee table I felt an inward peace and an inward need to listen to a little Buffalo Soldier. . . Overall, I would say get in there and experience a little granola life at least once. Check out the link.

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gurrbonzo said...

Yum! I lurve One World. Now, be my friend.