Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Done and Done!

I just took my last final at BYU ever, and my last final for an undergrad degree, and my last final of this week of hell, and my last final. . .

Then I came home to an apartment that is all packed up and bare and nobody home.

So I ate some icecream.

I sure know how to celebrate!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Milkshake is Better than Yours

I have been as of late in California, which is posted all over my facebook if you had no idea. . .you did, admit it. Anywho, interesting story as I was in California is about to appear all over your screen. . .don't fight it.

Ali and I were going down to breakfast in our not-so-ghetto hotel and were just going to grab food and take it up to our room, little did we know that the breakfast Nazi were staring us down and ready to pounce at any sight of comida leaving the breakfast area. The problem? Anna had to eat!

So as we are sitting at our table enjoying the tiniest of bagels, Ali slips a crinkley package of Fruit Loops down her pants. . .Anna should be grateful for sure!! Then, to my amazement she looks around for people looking and shoves a bagel in her bra. I couldn't let her do all the work, so I got some milk for the cereal and pretended to be drinking it as we headed, noisily, back to our room.

Where does the story get good? Right now! Ali rounded a corner to head up the stairs and almost slams into a woman coming the opposite direction. In my heart I did a shoosh and wipe of the forehead, I couldn't really do it because I was carrying milk you know. So as I turned my head from looking at the almost accosted woman, I rounded the corner and bam! Fourteen year old girl had no clue she was about to have skim milk dripping down the front of her new American sweater!

The look on her face was a mix of shock and anger as she penetrated into my soul with her rage. I apologized profusely and asked if I could get her some napkins (I had no milk on me). Her mother in a surge of rapid fire words. . .and not English. . .told her daughter to go change and looked at me as if I was the Pope damning her daughter to Hell for all time.... Silly Europeans!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Right on Your Lap!

Colors are fun
Megan is too!
So this is an update poem,
Just For YOU!!

Hare Krishna was quite claustrophobic
My lungs felt like I was doing aerobics
Megan was green, Sheri was blue
I thought I had a bloody nose but it just wasn't true

At parties where friends bring friends
We sometimes wish our lives would ends
Adios muchachos, later, we'll see ya. . .
with Eskimos living large in Argentina!

Class is great, especially dance
I am SUPA hot in my really tight pants
All I want is to rock your soul
but let's be honest, I am out of control

This is what I do,
I sit on you . . . right on your head
If you don't believe me,
ask the Determined Indians
who are Now Free!