Friday, June 6, 2008

The Ol' AZ

My sis and I decided to take a little journey down to Arizona to see my other sis. On the car ride down, a total of 11 hours in the car, about the same amount of words were said. Question: Are we really women? Um, yes, who knows why we didn't chat, our estrogen must have been turned off.

Upon arriving, my sis, Steph, was at a writers group and her husband, Mike wanted to go get something to eat. We rode with him. Why do I make a point in writing that? Because he is paralyzed from the waist down. . .he has a freaking sweet automobile that allows him to drive only using hand controls. . .the door even opens with a ramp with the small push of a button. I felt safer with him than I do most times with my sister, Steph. Technology. . .what a blessing! PS he beat me once at Wii tennis. . .I beat him twice, he has never been beaten. Mwa ha ha.

We took a hike yesterday up to a natural bridge. . .pretty and sweet. So pretty sweet. What happened there was nothing but amusing.

  • Steph fell on nothing but sand. . .nobody should be surprised about that.

  • I caught a crawdad

  • Steph swam in nasty water and smelled like butt the rest of the trip

  • Suzi defeated a major fear--funny story but you would have to ask her

  • Suz donated a dollar of mine to AZ state parks without my permission. I am such an environmentalist!

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